Most people have some familiarity with Smart Home capabilities, but are perhaps less familiar with automation.  Home Automation involves being able to program groups of activities to happen together in “scenes,” and even to schedule activities to run automatically.  Here are just a few of the possibilities:

Woman enjoying morning coffee at laptop

“Morning” Scene:

  • selected window shades open
  • lights in the appropriate rooms turn on
  • TV turns on to selected program (news, weather, or other)
High Tech Home Theater with dimmed lights, projector, and in-wall audio

“Entertain” Scene:

  • home theater system (audio and video) powers on and loads to default platform of your choice
  • primary lights dim / turn off in theater and adjacent rooms
  • floor / ambient lights come on to optimal movie viewing levels
Bedroom at night time with automated lights and shades

“Bedtime” Scene:

  • all window shades close
  • all lights in the house dim / turn off
  • all exterior doors lock
  • security system activates
  • thermostat goes to a preset temperature
  • and sleep sounds / soft music program plays quietly in bedroom

If you can dream it, Tri-Zone Automation can program it!


Convenience & Comfort

Being able to manage virtually all of the sensory elements of your home – all remotely and simply – makes it easier than ever to enjoy being at home.  Not only are smart appliances at your fingertips, but so are things like temperature and air flow, window shading, lighting, music, doors, and much more.  With a couple of taps your home adjusts to you, and you can put your feet up and relax.

Reduce Energy Waste

With the ability to program your lights, window shading, and thermostat, you can reduce energy waste.  When set to ensure that unneeded lights are turned off, shades on the sunny side of the home are closed during peak heat, and HVAC doesn’t run too hard when no one is home, you can do Mother Earth (and your energy bill) some good and save energy.

Free Up Floor Space

You don’t realize how much space that entertainment center takes up, along with those speakers spread around varios places in your home.  When you move to a wall-mounted or projector-based video system with in-wall and / or in-ceiling speakers, you’ll find much more space available in your home.

Increase Your Home's Value

Investing in smart home automation will usually increase the resale value of your home.  Today’s home buyers are often attracted to home with modern conveniences.  Furthermore, the social restrictions that have developed in 2020 has led to more people seekings a terrific movie experience at home.


Pre-Wiring During Construction

New construction and most renovation projects afford the opportunity to pre-wire before the walls have been finished.

Installing in Finished Home

Smart Home products and home automation systems can always be added to an existing home.

Repair / Upgrade Existing System

If you have an existing system in place that needs work, we can help with getting most systems working the way you need.

System Maintenance

We can help you by modifying existing programs, integrating new devices, and assisting with software updates.

Process Overview

  1. After an initial phone conversation, we will come to your home to do an on-site assessment. During this visit we will help you determine your specific needs and evaluate your home’s capacity for installation.
  2. Once we have learned about your goals and your space, we will develop a preliminary design of your system, and provide you with a free quote for completing your project.
  3. If you agree to our proposal, then we will order the necessary equipment upon receipt of deposit.
  4. Concurrent to ordering the equipment, our project manager will reach out to you to introduce himself, set a work schedule.
  5. The project manager will meet with you for an on-site review of the proposal before any work begins to make sure all parties are in agreement on the work being done.
  6. Our skilled technicians will proceed to install any equipment / hardware / devices, and configure them to your preferences.
  7. After completion of installation and configuration, the project ends with a client walk-through and tutorial.
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Home Comfort / Convenience Solutions

  • Networking (server, wi-fi, and connective technologies)
  • Lighting
  • Shade / Window Coverings
  • Temperature / Air Flow
  • Outdoor Living (lighting, audio)
  • Security

A/V Solutions

  • Media Rooms / Home Theaters
  • Music Systems
  • Video (TVs / Projector Systems)
  • Audio Installation (in wall, in ceiling, outdoor speakers)

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