We Install, Configure, Upgrade, and Maintain the Following Home Automation / Smart Home Technologies:

Single Remote Control Programming for Single Room or Entire Home

Smart Home Central Control devices

Automated Shades

Lutron motorized shades - home automation

Network (Wi-Fi) Evaluation and Enhancement

Reliable WiFi services - person using laptop by window

Light Automation

Lutron programmable lighting control

Security / Surveillance

Home Security Camera Surveillance on laptop monitor

New Construction Prewire

Whatever you’re ready to explore, call Tri-Zone Automation!

Whether you are interested in just one technology – like programmable motorized window blinds – or in a whole-house automation system, Tri-Zone Automation is here to help.  Many of our customers start with something as simple having us merge all of their entertainment equipment into a single remote control, or configuring their Wi-Fi to really perform.  Once you’ve seen what we can do with tasks like that, you’ll probably find yourself curious about other possibilities.

Home automation smart home wall-mount Control4 controller

If you could do anything in your home with the push of a button, what would you do?

☐ Open or close the blinds
☐ Change the temperature
☐ Lock all exterior doors
☐ Dim lights and play soft music
☐ Open or close the garage door
☐ Turn lights on or off
☐ Pre-heat the oven
☐ Change the temperature

If you could automate / program anything, what would it be?

☐ Morning routine
☐ Bedtime routine
☐ Dinner prep mode
☐ Relaxing bathtime mode
☐ Movie night
☐ Party mode / entertaining
☐ Away / vacation mode
☐ Lockdown mode

Home Comfort / Convenience Solutions

  • Networking (server, wi-fi, and connective technologies)
  • Lighting
  • Shade / Window Coverings
  • Temperature / Air Flow
  • Outdoor Living (lighting, audio)
  • Security

A/V Solutions

  • Media Rooms / Home Theaters
  • Music Systems
  • Video (TVs / Projector Systems)
  • Audio Installation (in wall, in ceiling, outdoor speakers)

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